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QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY watches!!! I’ve worn an MTM since 2004, I was fortunate enough to have been allowed to serve in inform on active duty for 21 years. I tried honorably in March of 2010 and moved back to Texas. Y’all would be surprised at how many Texans wear your badass tune pieces on their wrists! I salute you all and keep up the great work!! I’m still saving money for a new one hopefully before I check out of this life and transition to my next… Valhalla!

– Gray Beard

I’ve had mine for over three years. Got rid of all of my other watches. The Cobra is all you’ll ever need. I’m a LEO and bang that thing everywhere. Still going strong. Worth every penny.


Love my Falcon. Best watch I’ve ever owned. Of course I was hesitant to spend $700+ on a watch but I certainly don’t regret it. During my military career and in law enforcement I used Casio Gshocks which did fine job which was why I hesitated but this MTM Falcon has stood up to everything I’ve put it through. Worth every penny.


I just wanted you to know I received my new Patriot a few days ago and I am so happy I bought it. Its better than I imagined and will be a great watch for hiking the Adirondacks. Great Watch

Mike Ward

For Christmas, I received the Xtreme Ops SEAL watch. First of all, this is my favorite watch I have owned. I used to wear my Tag Heuer Link watch all the time and now it’s in the box. This watch has smoother movements than my Tag. Secondly, my rubber watch band came apart after the second day wearing it, I called you guys and told you about it. Next thing I know I was getting a new band. Would have never gotten that kind of customer service from Tag. Thirdly, I work as a transmission lineman for an electrical company. My work is manly construction based and the watch thus far is holding up like a champ. I barehand 345,000 volts while wearing the watch and it has no affect on it. I am grateful that I received this watch and have told all my buddies and coworkers what a great watch it is and what excellent customer service that comes with it.


Josh Maxon

I have been the proud owner of an MTM watch since early 2008, maybe even 2007. The watch that I have has been through the war with me and back again. All that it has required is a little maintenance  but has far surpassed any expectations I had for it. This was once again proven during a recent deployment where I lost the watch tracking a homicide suspect in a wooded area. I lost the watch in the evening hours of Tuesday January 17th, 2017. It was cold and snowy and I returned the next day and searched the area but was unable to locate it. One week later, on Tuesday January 24th, 2017 I returned with a metal detector and after a large thaw which caused a lot of our snow to melt. I located the watch around 2:00 p.m. in approximately a foot of water, at the bottom of a creek, with a pin which had broken. To my surprise, after being outside, submerged in water and exposed to temperatures under the freezing mark for a week, my watch was still ticking away without issue. I just wanted to contact you and extend my sincere satisfaction with the products you produce.

-Brandon Catcher, Ontario Provincial Police, Emergency Response Team

FYI Folks- True to form, they did in fact reach out to me immediately after this. With their exceptional Customer Service (Which obviously comes with these well priced time pieces) I am now on my way to having the Silver Ti band of my 10 year old watch replaced by them – Gratis!! IMHO- you get what you pay for “All Around” in life regardless what the item may be. Even Casio makes a $1600 rubber watch! 🙂 This publication is VERY well respected and renown for its professional reviews – please browse after reading this one! http://www.ablogtowatch.com/mtm-falcon-watch-review/

I’m lucky enough to own the first MTM Black Seal Extreme dive 12000 meters 39370 feet water proof watch, silver, all Swiss made with a silicon field case fluid, and time runs very precise for the past 8 years now. This watch is a tank. Too bad MTM stop making them, same price with the newer version.
-Constantine Kyrcos

I received the MTM watch today. It’s absolutely stunning. Great design. I very much like the newer text on the dial and the other subtle changes that MTM has made to the watch. I’ve thought of buying this watch for some time, seeing it in person it has exceeded my expectations. I plan on ordering another watch very soon. Thank you.
-John Marino

Hi hope your all keeping well. I have a very old MTM watch probably about 12 years, amazing durable watch. I have a small issue and hope you guys can help me, The watch pins that hold the strap in place is about to be broken. That is pins with ends that push in and spring out to hold the strap in place on the main watch body. I was hoping to buy some replacements from you. Many thanks


Good day sir or ma’am . My name is Jerome Soto.  I have over 22 years of U.S military experience, over 17 years aviation experience. I have flown in over 600 combat missions accumulating over 5,000 flight hours. 2,800 of those hours being flown at night. I wanted give you a little brief back on your new MTM Air Stryker 2 watch.  Spot on!  I love it. I love the feel of it. I love the ruggedness of it. And I love all its functions.  I have had mine for one month now and have never taken it off. There are a lot of things we aviators think about when we select a watch. We are not military pilots because we can fly or because we are the smartest.  We are military pilots because we will never quit! We plan ahead. We know that at anytime we can be shot down and have to rely on the equipment we carry to help save our lives. On January 12, 2003 my copilot and I were shot down by a surface to air missile (SAM) 8 km northwest of Baghdad Iraq. We were on the ground for 6 hours evading the enemy until we could rally with friendly forces.  The products you put out are relied upon heavily. Please keep doing what you are doing. Make improvements when you see them. Ask the men and women their thoughts on what you guys are putting out…I don’t care what the news is reporting to the civilian population. The fight is still very real and it’s happening every day.  I will continue to do my part in keeping America safe.  There is no country in the world like ours.  It’s one to give everything for. Thank you again for you products.If I can ever help please let me know.

-J. Soto, Apache Attack Helicopter Pilot

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your customer service! I’ve had a Thunder Hawk for a couple of years now and it’s easily my favorite! I have a watch problem so that’s saying a lot. But more so I lost the small screw on the pin that attaches the bracelet to the watch. I called today and, Candice, I believe, was very nice and tremendously helpful! You guys crush it! Thanks for putting out a superior product! I’ve worn it on duty as well as on a good many rescues, including swift water and it’s always a high functioning, great looking watch!


-Walt Settlemyre Rescue Paramedic Austin Travis Co. EMS Special Ops Div. Rescue

Just received my MTM Silencer watch! I love the watch, box & charger. A lot of people noticed the watch right away and all very positive comments. I can’t say enough right now. I’m like a kid @ X-mas.

I purchased the MTM Warrior watch from your site back in 2005, I was in Baghdad, Iraq stationed at U.S. Embassy.  I love this watch its GREAT! but I guess its time for a check-up. Please let me know the price to ship back to you folks to look it over and grab a new watch band as well.

Hi. I purchased your Falcon model few years ago and just wanted to tell you how terrific this watch is. I am an ex commercial diver 10 years working and then I segued into a surf shop owner in Hawaii for 9 years and now own a kayak tour company in the Virgin Islands that specializes in bioluminescence tours at night in completely clear kayaks. I have owned numerous Rolex Submariners, Luminox, and lots of other water use watches but none have ran as perfect in keeping time while having the built in light system which I use every night. The luminous numerals are adequate and even in spite of daily abuse this watch just keeps on ticking.



Hi my name is Jason, I am a wounded veteran and in the Wounded Warrior Project program. I just seen your sponsor add about how you gave the two wounded warriors watches. I know a lot of bad media is going around about wounded warrior and I wanted to say when I got injured and they cut all my clothes off and shipped me to Germany. WWP gave me all new clothes when I went to Germany and a 500-dollar gift card to buy clothes in Germany and anything I needed sense I didn’t have any stuff with me, and still to This day they still invite me to events and classes to help me with my TBI, insomnia, and ptsd. I think it’s amazing that you guys helped the WWP and the solders and I wanted to say thank you that means a lot to me and other veterans, and once I save enough money up I will buy one of your watches and for now on only your watches! You supported our brothers and sisters and I want to support you! thanks again for everything you do!


I’ve had a Hawk for around 10 years. It has taken a beating and has never missed a beat. Best watch I ever owned. Getting ready for a new Vulture.
-John K.

I have a MTM Blackhawk Watch that’s taken abuse for about 8 years around the world and still going strong. I love it. Thanks,

-Bo Riser

First allow me to say that I love your watches. I have owned the MTM black hawk for several years now, and with the exception of it showing wear around the bezel (worn daily) the watch has held up incredibly well and it is by far my favorite watch I have/had including a Rolex Submariner, Citizen dive master. With that being said, I have a question. I noticed in your news feed that you supported the Ubisoft release of the new Rainbow Six game. Is there any possible way that we could see The Division agent watch made by MTM that is made to the same standards as all of your other watches? If so, please put me on the wait list! Thank you for your time in reading this and for the outstanding products you put out!
Sincerely, A very satisfied customer

First & Foremost, you guys are the best watch company ever to create a watch that looks gorgeous and perform excellent against all obstacles the watch may face! I am a huge fan of MTM and when buying a gift or recommending a watch, I always direct them to you.

Today I wanted to reach out because I had a thought in my mind for a while and I wanted to introduce food for thought in this message to the company. I’ve seen MTM grow since the beginning and Ive seen how it has created an updated version of a few of the MTM watch series such as the Hawk to Falcon, Predator to Predator II , the Air Stryks, and Silencer series, but not necessarily the Patriot yet. I feel MTM is an extremely great competitor to a lot of other watch corporations because of price, looks and functionality. Of all the watches I have of you, the patriot is by far my favorite watch. As a consumer, user and highly admirable fan of MTM, i feel the addition of the day of the week is the most challenging due to space, but for those who work consecutive days in a row without sleep or on little sleep, day of the week can become really convenient. Knowing the day will add that final touch! Other than that, the watch is perfect as it stands. The chronograph feature is perfect already.

You guys are amazing, the customer service is amazing, the showroom in Los Angeles is amazing, and most of all your watches are beyond amazing! I look forward to all your next products and i never get tired on how your company presents itself to the public. I understand MTM is always moving forward one second at a time, and I wanna give my personal opinion as a fan because I simply just love your company. Thanks for hearing me out! Sincerely,
-Julian Covarrubias III. CEO

Good Morning, I purchased an MTM black Patriot watch a several years back. I absolutely love the watch and have brought it through hell during my military service. In the past I have gone through watches on almost a monthly basis but this watch has held up incredibly over the past almost 9 years. Recently I scratched the clasp on the bracelet. I really like the look of the black metal bracelet and wanted to see how much a replacement clasp is. Respectfully,
R. S

I received from repair my MTM silencer. Great job. I truly love this time piece. As a tech for heavy jet aircraft I can tell you that this is the finest tool purchase I have made. I utilize each feature in the course of performing my job. Excellent customer service and very kind people. Thank you once again!
-Dennis Jetmore

Since 2010 – I am the proud owner of a MTM watch Black Patriot. It’s a watch people often notice, and ask questions on the type and brand. Maybe the fact that I’m in the special protection and law enforcement… (at one time, I protected a certain head-of-state who noticed I was wearing an MTM watch, and he told me he had one too) I’m really proud of it. I wear it at any time. I’m even considering buying another model.
-Ludovic Winter

I received my MTM watch yesterday…. Like it very much but what will make me purchase another one…… was the fact that the watch came with the correct date and set to eastern time zone. the devil is in the details.
-Edward Baker

Hi. I have a very old falcon watch, It’s probably 15 years old, the best watch I ever owned. I only have one issue, the pins to the strap is getting lose. Could you advise me if,I can get some new pins from you for my watch. Many thanks.
-Mike Loveridge

I received my Warrior watch 7 years ago as a birthday gift from a friend. I have owned watches all my life but i have never owned something as magnificent as my MTM Spec Ops Warrior watch. The battery has never needed changing in 7 years. I work in construction and this watch had been put through the ringer. The crystal was struck with a nail from an air gun on one occasion and didn’t scratch. These are best watches, hands down. I have worn this watch everyday for 7 years and the paint has barely even been scuffed. If you want a watch for life, this is it.

-John Osborne

Hello. I bought one of your watches in 2003 or 04. Not sure. Serial No #####. I have a band that has Velcro fastener. The Velcro has finally given up. I would like to get another band, preferably not Velcro. Any suggestions and how would about ordering one. Love the watch and hope it will continue to last for many more years. The light features it has, has come in handy many many times. Thank you,

I have one of the black Special Ops Patriot watches I believe. I purchased it over 10 years ago I think and its been the best watch I’ve ever owned. The problem I have is the band has some major scratches. It has been through some rough times as I was a K9 handler for 13 years. I believe its a little hard to see. can I get a replacement band possibly.
-G. Shilley

I own one of your MTM watches.  First I have never had a watch last so long in my life. I never take my watch off. I am a professional chef. Also an avid outdoorsman. I hunt, fish coach lacrosse this watch is indestructible. I am going to buy another one of your time pieces I am not sure which one yet.
-Joseph LaNoce

I’d like to begin by saying that this is only the second review letter I’ve ever written. I just wanted to commend MTM on the exceptional service and exceptional products I received. From my initial contact with a live, delightful person at your office, to the prompt delivery of the two Hypertec watches I ordered, to the overall quality of the product (and its packaging), and finally, to the outstanding value delivered in these rugged, handsome timepieces, I couldn’t be more pleased. Keep up the good work.
-Larry Daniels

Recently purchased the Black Predator 2 time piece from your company..I must say it adds a certain flair to my collection of other famous name watches I have in my possession..out of the Omegas,Rolexs,and tag haurs I have ,yours will probrably be on my wrist more..very please with the details and engineering that makes your product stand out among the elite..

Hello, I have owned a Black Warrior for more than 12 years and finally the battery died. I would like to have the battery replaced by an original battery which was outstanding. Do you offer a repair service or sell the batteries to customers.
Also, I would like to know if you have any authorized dealers in the Washington, DC Area?
Thanks so much in advance.
Joaquin Aguayo
VA Judge

Got my Air Stryk II and absolutely love it. Everything from working with your rep to the packaging, to the watch itself. Awesome! I’d just have to know, what is the significance of the blue stripe on the face from 12:00 to 4:00?
James L. Day

Dear sir/ madam,
I had purchased the Vulture model a long time ago. It’s an expense that I never regret because the watch serves me well. Tough, strong and goes everywhere I need.
Unfortunately, the battery ran out, so the second hand stopped moving. I would like to know if I can send it back to you for battery replacement.
The serial number is xxxxxx. Hope to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Dear sir or madam, I have had the pleasure of working, this week, with Candice (your customer service personnel) on two orders for you watches and another order for bands. If you don’t know it, or if you do, Candice is a GEM.She has great customer service ability as well as a wealth of knowledge about you product line.As a small business owner here in Orange County, I can tell you that it’s a rare find to have someone like her. I just wanted you to know others appreciate your staff and your products. As an afterthought,  I own 10 or 11 of your watches.Respectfully,
Elliot Saulten

I purchased my black warrior watch when I lived in the US. I currently live overseas. The watch is at least 8 years old and I have made over 600 dives with it. I love this watch. it probably needs good factory cleaning. Is it possible to mail via DHL or fed ex to your factory to have it cleaned and general over haul. This is by far the best watch I’ve ever owned. Thanks for making a great product and I look forward to hearing from you.
Ben Kelly

I have a Warrior Military Ops Watch. I have had the watch for almost 8 years and I wear it every day. I am a police officer and it is by far the best watch I have ever owned. Recently, the battery ran out. I would like it fixed. Is there a way to send it back in for repairs?
Chris Verdeck

I have an MTM Thunderhawk watch that I purchased 10 years ago its the best watch ever, it’s worked amazingly for the 10 years I owned it and I need to replace the battery.
Should the watch be sent to you ?
Dan Moses

I just wanted to say how much I love yall’s products, in 2004 I bought a Blackhawk watch sn#051599 to this day I still wear it daily it survived tours in Baghdad Najaf and fullujah. While it has a few scratches on the case and band it still runs like a champ still on the original battery as well and still holds a charge for over a month at a time. If this one ever dies I will be buying another watch from yall keep up the great work
lance franks

I purchased a Titanium Warrior (Serial#?????) about 10 years ago. The watch is amazing but the battery has just died. (Impressed w/battery life btw) To whom can I go to for a battery change? Love my watch !
Mario Guerrero

I have had one of your watches for about 8 years now and have worn it everyday. Your watches rock! I wanted to know if you do any type of service overhaul / tune up work on them. Mine still works great, but I just want to see if you do.
Charles Baldwin

I purchased a Stainless Steel Predator watch from yourselves 2 years ago after a recommendation from a US Marine friend whilst working together on a joint operation (I am a serving Royal Marine Commando, British Armed Forces). This is by far the best watch I have ever owned and have sung it’s praises to many of my colleagues.
Many thanks,
David O’Brien

Got my Air Stryks II and absolutely love it. Everything from working with your rep to the packaging, to the watch itself. Awesome! I just have to know, what is the significance of the blue stripe on the face from 12:00 to 4:00 ?
James L. Day