Received my MTM Silver Warrior titanium just in time for Father’s Day. I’m very impressed with the level of quality workmanship and robust appearance. The SS & Gold Rolex is history .
Bob Dartez

WOW!! Just received my new Gray Cobra (47.5mm) with black nylon strap and gray stitching. What a beautiful watch! I’ve collected watches for 10 years now and this is one of the best. I’m also a member of the Advance Guard of the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m very glad to support a company like MTM who support our military. I hope to purchase another watch from you soon.
Mark Benny

I recently purchased the Special Ops Warrior in full titanium and have to say that overall I am extremely pleased with the watch. I’m an avid hiker and mountain climber and love the ruggedness that my new wrist-mate brings to the game. Perfect dial legibility, although some of the print on the face is microscopically small. The nighttime lume is fantastic and the bracelet is super comfortable, no hair-pulling. Thanks MTM !
John Loesing
Los Angeles

Just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy my watch. I was given a stainless version of the patriot for Christmas, I was concerned that the extreme arctic conditions I work in would be hard on the watch! Man was I wrong, since January the watch has been exposed to an average temp of – 44 and will continue to be exposed to such temps until March we I de-mob.
Thanks for a great product,
L. C.
North Slope Oil Fields
North Slope Alaska

Hi, I purchased the Predator from you. I was extremely (EXTREMELY) impressed by your product – I had no concept of how beautiful and rugged the watch would be from looking at the website. I purchase a NITE watch and a Luminox the same week, and I have had three Rip Curls over the last decade. I can say without reservation that the MTM watch I purchased is by far the nicest watch I have ever owned, and I would also say it’s the nicest watch I’ve ever seen in person. My wife, who is rarely impressed, even said “wow” when I was un-packaging the Predator. Thank you so much, I will by buying only MTM watches from here on, you have created a life customer with your incredible quality.
Peter Nordberg

I bought the Titanium Black Warrior a little over two years ago at this location. First off, the watch is great. It’s a classic design with some very useful features. For example, the titanium alloy makes this watch deceptively light. I went in originally with the intention of buying the black steel version but when I tried the titanium one on, there was a noticeable difference in weight. I upgraded myself on the spot. Also, the tritium lighted dials and hands make this watch easily visible in pitch black environments like movie theaters. I use it as my all day/everyday watch and it has taken a beating without a problem.
My experience with the service has been equally great. I’ve gone in twice to have some links taken out of the titanium band to make it fit my wrist a bit more snugly. Both times they helped me out free of charge. I was in and out of there with a few minutes.

Today they really showed me some excellent customer service though. The watch needed some repairs. I was a little too rough with it this time. It turns out that the warranty had expired a few weeks ago and they could have easily given me some song and dance about having to pay for service. Not only did they not charge me, they also pressure tested it and took off another link at my request. All within a matter of minutes.

While I waited, I looked around the showroom and drooled at the other models. I wound up purchasing the optional black neoprene band. They installed it on the watch for me as well. Free of charge.

Every time I’ve been there, they have gone above and beyond. I never feel like I’m being “sold” anything or being nickeled and dimed in there. Also, the staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable about their product line.

Now if I could only afford the Sandblast Gray Cobra
… Joe F. Brea, CA. on Yelp ! Five Stars *****

I first saw their watches in a magazine in 2012, and went to their location in down town LA to check it out. The staff is very nice and professional and their watches are amazing!!! I bought the Air Strike model, which is awesome and gets a lot of compliments. Since I got a three year warranty with my purchase, when I went a back there for some adjustments, they also replaced the battery and had the strap washed at no charge ! Vicky at the front desk knows her product very well and took a good care if me.

I’m definitely recommending their product to everyone who knows to appreciate a high end professional watch.

Thank you MTM staff, keep up the good work !!!
… Omri O. Los Angeles, CA. on Yelp ! Five Stars *****

I have been wearing a Special Ops watch for the past 7 years and have loved it. It’s worn, scratched, dirty, obviously used and I wouldn’t trade it for a Rolex! It has hundreds of skydives, numerous Dives, miles of ATV and Motorcycle riding, 70,000 + rounds fired, and has Never Failed to keep accurate time. Do you have a parts department that I can order band repair parts? Do you offer refurb services? Thanks for a quality product.
… Daniel Packard

To whom it may concern: I purchased my Titainum Warrior while serving in Iraq. This watch has served me well for five years I would like information on a “factory tune up” The watch has never failed me,it has maintained correct time (to the second) since day one. However the normal wear and tear got to it and it need some cleaning and maintains.
… SFC Charles Clark Jr.

Hello, I have one of your Titanium Black Hawks, Serial number: WT0724. This watch has survived, faithfully for two deployments to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Weapons Co, Scout Sniper Platoon. As a Scout Sniper, this watch was very faithful, and it was put through some rough times. and after all these years of obvious I have some questions about repair of the watch strap, can I simply just order a set of new screws so I still use this watch without having to retire it?
… Matt Ellis

I have a Patriot that my wife bought me when I was deployed in Iraq in 2007-2008. I also took it to Afghanistan in 2010-2011. It is by far the most rugged watches I have ever owned. About a year ago I accidently put it in the washer. It came out clean and still ticking. I would like to send it in for evaluation and testing if possible. I have no issue with the watch just want to make sure there is no damage to gaskets. this watch means a lot to me as I wore it through and IED and a few firefights while serving as an Infantryman.
… Patrick J Petitto

My Blackhawk is without a doubt, the best watch I have ever had. It has taken a beating and still practically looks new. I have now acquired a new Predator watch too. Thanks for the help and a great product!
… Brad Bieber

I received my Silver Vulture last week, wow, what a watch. I have a really nice Seiko Perpetual Kinetic that I never could get used to wearing. The Vulture I cant take off. I find myself always staring at it, even when I dont need the time. And Im constantly playing with the light modes. I want to say to that I have had several inguiries and praises. My Seiko may be mostly retired to its box in my closet. Anyway, thanks for a great time piece.
… Sincerly, David A. Vest

Just received my MTM Hypertec today…Fit, finish, and build quality are excellent. big, solid, well built case with quality swiss movement. This is a fantastic looking watch. shipped promptly and arrived as advertised. even arrived already set to EST with time and correct date. The ultimate military style field watch. I am proud to add this watch to my collection. Thank you.
… Aric Conto.