MTM I recently received my first MTM Watch, the MTM Spec Ops Silencer – Black with the ballistic velcro band. It was a birthday present to replace my old Casio. Since then it has been my day to dya watch throughout my current tour in Afghanistan. i love the combination of Analog simplicity along with the digital alarm, stopwatch, and timer functions. The durabilitiy has been great. It handles my 12 hour plus work days and still looks just about brand new. The integrated LED flashight has also been a godsend at night as it means I don’t have to carry an extra flashlight in my already packed cargo pockets. I fully intend to get another one in silver for wearing with civilians and Class A dress uniforms. Very Respectfully,
… SSG Daniel J Haire

Imagine my surprise when my order followed your email by no more than two days — thank you for your unrivaled responsiveness. This was my first purchase from your company (and intended as a gift) but the combination of excellent workmanship and superior customer service suggests it will not prove to be my last. Thank you for affirming my commitment to buying USA assembled products, and demonstrating that if something can be done, we can do it best.
… Armen Carapetian

I have worn my MTM watch for a bit over six years – sometimes under harder conditions than I would have liked. I would like to know how to go about returning it to MTM for a check-up and cleaning. Thank you.
… Robert Pauly

I received my Black Air Stryk a few weeks ago and once again, I would like to express my satisfaction about your excellent customer service, quick order processing and shipping to Canada as well as for your watch quality. The watch is very sturdy, also accurate. It combines the analog look with very useful digital display and features (chrono, timer, week date, alarms, beeps, chimes and more). In the same time it has a very masculine look with a remarkable classy finish. In a certain light angle, the crystal has nice, surprising blue reflexes I have never seen to other watches. Now, my previous TAG Heuer lost his first place.
…Mihai Popescu

I purchased a Falcon and it has commanded considerable questions from my circle of associates. Not only is it easy to read but you can read it in any situation and even use it as a light for emergency situations. The complete manner in which it is charged as well as maintained is awesome. Wish I had it in the far east during the 60’s. GREAT AND DEPENDABLE TIME PIECE
…Arthur Steffen

I would like to comment on your customer service. I would like to let you know that I called yesterday in need of a few parts for my watch. Ms. Dermigny, your customer service rep assisted me with my inquiries and did an excellent job. Ms. Dermigny was very polite and helpful throughout our contact yesterday and made me feel like my needs were very important to her and the MTM company. I have had my watch for over two years now and am still very satisfied with it. After yesterday I am even more pleased that I chose this product, knowing that your company has such great employees and customer service. Regards
…Nathan Ruiz

I have a Black Hawk.This has been a fantastic watch. I was sorry to see it get discontinued, as I had hoped to get another one day.This watch has been through hell and never skipped a beat. after so many years of taken a beating the finish on the band and a little on the case has worn off a bit. Can the watch be re plated? Thanks!
…David Miller

I have recently received my Black Patriot which I sent to you for repairing, cleaning and battery change. I would like to thank you very much for the excellent work performed as well as for the friendly and prompt customer service. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing new models of your watches!
…Mihai Popescu

Hello there I bought a Warrior (WRT655) about 5 years ago while in Iraq and love it. I am curious as to if I could get a camo Air Stryk but with a metal camo band? Thanks for the awesome pieces that you make. I always make sure and tell everybody about your products and get many questions about my warrior to this day. Thanks again.
…Gary Conover

You guys are awesome! I’ve bought 3 watches from you and love them. Get ask all the time where I bought them and I send them your way.
Thanks for taking care of this repair. I appreciate you guys too!
…Tim David

I just wanted to express my thanks and cheers for an awesome, AWESOME watch! I just received my Vulture today and I friggin love it! My $12,000 Rolex just got relegated to my sock drawer. This watch is absolutely beautiful, and at the same time cool and cutting edge. I had it on less than an hour and someone asked me what brand of watch it was and if it was only for active Spec Ops. Thanks again guys! Great service and delivery and an absolute killer watch that I will cherish and add proudly to my collection
… Scott James

I’m very excited about my watch. I am also very impressed with your customer service and your coworkers as well. You all have been a pleasure to deal with, Thank You!
… Blake Newman

I just wanted to let you know that I got my watch back after the service was finished. I wanted to compliment you and your company for a very professional, smooth, and efficient process. I’m very happy with the work done and the rapid turn around time. Thanks again!!!
… Terry Robinson

I just received my watch in the mail today in Afghanistan! As usual and this being my second watch from SPECIAL OPS, Thank you for such an outstanding product!!! I know where to go when I want another one. Have a great day!
… Richard Mckay

I bought my father the Black Falcon watch in December 2006. He has had is on since the day he got it. It has been through Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world with him during the past few wars. He recently started working for Boeing in South Carolina. The watch has been bullet proof. A few days ago he was asking me if you can clean and polish the watch. He will be done for Christmas and I was wondering if you can clean it while he is here. Please contact me as needed. Thanks again.
… Cary Adams

Hi,I have a Black Patriot with the black face, I was wondering if it would be possible to get an orange face installed to replace the black one. I love the watch though, I took it over seas to Kenya where I represented a non profit and lived in country. I’ve taken it on countless hiking, hunting and scuba trips and it has worked every time. It puts up with the abuse I send it through. It stays on my wrist every minute of everyday.
… John Vogel

I recently received my MTM Silencer back from the repair department about a week ago. I just wanted to say thanks a million! They did a superb job with the watch, and it is like a new watch and then some! It is now definitely the finest and most useful watch I have ever owned. Please pass my thanks to the repair department!
… A.Venu

Just received my sons watch from MTM repair dept. All repairs made A-#1. Thank You Very Much! MTM Vulture THE BEST SPECIAL OPS WATCH ON EARTH!!! & (CLASS ACT Co.) A-#1
… Joseph Legarth

This is the second watch that I have purchased from MTM. The decision to purchase a second watch from your company was due to your fantastic service department. The first watch had a minor defect with the black coating; when I contacted our service department they called me back immediately and said to ship it to them. The watch was returned in such good condition that I had to check the serial number in order to confirm the watch had been repaired and not replaced. There are few companies today that realize how important good customer service is. Keep up the great work and you will have nothing but continued success. Great products and great customer service.
… Peter Maclean

Recently purchased and just received my Black Cobra and I love it. Thanks for making a quality product that ROCKS!
… MSG Paul D. Wayfield

Well, as usual your company’s customer service has excelled. I will say I was very frustrated having the same problem twice and the watch failing prior to a business trip. You delivered the watch with in a week and replaced my old band with a brand new one. Thank you very much for getting this accomplished.
… Burke Roberts