Testimonials Archive 2

I had recently purchased a Black Patriot Orange Dial Titanium watch from you L.A. showroom. It was impressive how the titanium model is so much lighter than the steel one. Equally impressive is the watch’s construction, design and appeal. I had a difficult time deciding which one to get at first as each one of the models was equally appealing. I went for the Black Patriot with the burnt Orange Dial Titanium model as I found the orange dial with the chronos and metal band very eye-catching. The staff were very knowledgeable in answering my questions and patiently helped me with the sizing of the band to custom fit my wrist. I love wearing this watch, it feels comfortable on my wrist, it’s dependable and sturdy and most of all it looks awesome.
… Aurvel, Yorba Linda, CA

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with my new Black Warrior. Hands down the nicest watch I have ever owned. A repeat customer for life. MTM is the best watch for your dollar without question!
… Mark Matkovich

I am the owner of my own tactical training and consulting company in the Midwest… Blackfox Tactics. I am also a proud owner of one of your fine watches and own every band for the watch. I have been amazed by the quality of the product and of your customer service. I would like to post a link to your site from the (Link) section of my companies site. I do not link sites or products unless I’ve owned and can testify to the product. I also do not link sites without permission. Please reply to this email. I would be more than happy to send your fine company some additional business.
… Curt Fox

Great watches by the way, I wear my Titanium Blackhawk on a daily basis plus through one tour in Afghanistan and every jump I’ve made to date. It has held up wonderfully! Aside from a couple scratches it looks almost new. Also, saying a charge is good for two months is being really nice. I charged mine once before a six-month trip, once while on the trip, then right before I came back and never had any problems, used the light at least once a day!
… Justin Nikodem

Thank you for providing such great customer service. I needed to send in my watch for repairs, your team member called me within 48 hours and confirmed my details and explained to me how I can send the watch in for repair. I have now received the watch and your team has repaired everything and the watch looks brand new. Thank You MTM for the great after sales service.
Keep up the good work and quality and I will be coming back for a new watch as long as you produce them.
…Shenan Goonewardene

Just want to thank you guys for such a fantastic product. I purchased a predator off you guys nearly two years ago. I have been away on operations and have found the watch to be the best piece of kit I have had the pleasure to own. It is strong, sturdy corrosion resistant and the strap didn’t rot from prolong wearing and not being able to clean lol, unlike other watches I have had in the past where the strap has rotted through just after a few weeks in the humidity.
I thank you again for such a fantastic product.
… Clinton

I’ve been a watch collector for many years now. I tend to steer towards heavier/tough watches. I’ve worn out my fair share of “tough watches” during training exercises and daily work. My company provides tactical training and consulting for Law Enforcement, Military, and Business Professionals. I’ve owned your “Black Patriot” watch for several years now and it is built like a tank! I constantly get comments on the watch and I always send them your way. This is by far the best watch I’ve owned. I plan on purchasing other models in the future.
Owner/Director of Training

I purchased a silver warrior about a year ago AAA+++ fantastic watch. I would be interested in another the silver stryker but I want a metal band either stainless ot titanium can you do this? Thanks
… Ray Harp

Couple years ago I purchase a Thunder Hawk Stainless Steel Band from you guys (great piece of machinery). Two months ago I was involved in a car accident and luckily the watch absorbed part of the impact and I did not lose my left hand. But the steel band got scratched very deep. I’m looking for a steel band to replace mine. Do you guys sell them? Let me know. Thanks
… Luis A. Ortiz

I’ve been a proud owner of the Black Patriot for about 2 years now. I’ve owned several more expensive brand watches Omega, Hamilton, etc. This watch is the highest quality watch I have owned. Coming from someone who pays strict attention to detail, that is saying a lot! Not to mention, the watch is built like a tank. Which is important in my line of work and play. Im a Missouri State Trooper and an avid Scuba Diver. The watch never leaves my wrist.Recently, the minute hand on the chronograph began resetting at 3 minutes before the zero mark. This, was obviously a problem. I contacted the company. The associate was friendly and helpful. I mailed the watch in and within less than 2 weeks, I had my watch fixed and returned to me. Excellent product & excellent service!! That’s hard to find anywhere these days.
…Tpr. W. C. Fox
Missouri State Highway Patrol “In Omnia Paratus”

I have purchased a Black Hawk directly from your company about 3 years ago and just wanted to let you guys know that I love my watch, but better than that, I have had a couple issues through the years… like bands and screws and your service is second to none. If I call with a small problem, within just a few days, you all have the parts needed delivered to my door. I just wanted to say thanks and pass on some good feedback. I think your products are great and better than that your service is incredible. Again thanks for everything. Oh, and by the way your watch is the only thing I have ever owned to withstand the beating I receive in an Abrams tank. Much appreciated.

I purchased your special ops black hawk watch just over five years ago and absolutely love it. is it possible to buy the black steel band?
… Paul DeGeorge

I have a Predator that I received as a gift several years ago. While working on the roof, I got the watch band hung up on the ladder, breaking the band and sending the watch to the ground. If not for my clumsiness, it still would be 100%. Anyway, the band broke and the watch fell approx 15 ft. to the pavement. It only put two chips in the crystal at the 10 and 3 o’clock positions. Everything else is still amazingly working… I wear this watch every day and miss having it on my arm. It also takes a butt load of abuse and has never failed me once. Thanks for making such a wonderful watch.
… Michael Ferrado

I have over 40 watches with values up to $150,000 US. The titanium Blackhawk I just purchased from you is the best constructed watch in my collection. The band construction alone is almost beyond belief for a watch. I consider the watch to be very nearly perfect in it’s current state.
… Robert Zachte

Outstanding watches. I was in a military course with a friend of mine from the Brazilian Marines Commando who owns a MTM watch. I saw the watch take a lot of punishment, and how the light was perfect at night, etc..
So I have two questions: 1) Do you take orders from overseas and ship? and 2) Do you make special offers for large purchase for my unit?
… Christian Hingst

I’m obsessive about the exact time. My MTM Spec Ops is the most accurate watch I’ve ever owned. It gains one second every five months. I dumped a Rolex because it was losing 15 seconds a week. I used to check with NIST weekly. Now I only do so every 6 months or so. it’s the best watch I’ve ever owned. I’m going to give one to my nephew when he graduates artillery training later this year.
… Thomas Kennedy

You can add U.S. Marshals Service to the list of folks that wear your watches. We bought some Black Warrior a couple of years ago and we love it.
… Paul Joanos.

I have the Thunder Hawk Titanium that I purchased 5 years ago. I wear this watch every day and use it in my job as a Secret Service agent assigned to former Pres. Bush in Houston. As a Secret Service agent, this watch has come in so useful and has helped me in my duties so many times. It enhances my job! The warranty on my watch is now expired. do you have any type of extanded warranty program, just in case ?
…Thanks, Kevin.

I currently own an older Thunder Hawk about 5 years old, and I managed to break the pin that holds the metal band to the watch. Can I order just that piece from you or do I need to send the watch in to you for repairs? That watch made it through Iraq with me, and I was wearing it when an EFP blew the back off of my M1114. You guys make a superior product, and thank you for that.
… Thanks, Mark.

I have almost every model of your watches and I can say that they are of the utmost quality and craftmanship, as you can see by my purchase history! I have a Vulture in all black and I like to get the silver one. My question is. when will you be getting it back in stock ?
… Brian J. Gedeon, M.D.

I am a proud owner of your now discontinued Seal Squad Divers Watch. It is by far the very best watch that I have ever had the privilige of owning and wearing. I have been accosted several times for wearing this watch. People will come up to me on the street and ask to see it. I have had this watch for just about two years now and it has stayed strong, my only concern is the battery. Once the ten years is up and the battery needs replacing, will your company still replace the battery even though the watch has been discontinued?
… SGT Thomas Anderson

I would like to thank MTM service department for your prompt, professional and courteous response to my request. My band is repaired and my watch is operational again. Thanks very much,
… John Raszcewski

Thanks! I bought my first mtm watch will on my second tour in Iraq. I am never without a watch, so I have been through my fair share. Daily life for me seems to destroy a watch easily, but my current mtm has handled absolutely everything with no problem. Even the metal band AND the pins that hold it on have been superb, I even ordered the rubber strap for a backup as I did not expect this one to last, but that was a waste, it has never been on the watch. In a few months before my next tour I will order a new one, different model, and I look forward to it. Thanks again, quality is sometimes hard to find.
… Ashel T Hartin

I bought a warrior(black) about 2 years ago from your site and can’t be more pleased with it. I’m looking into buying the Vulture in black with the rubber band and was wondering when exactly it will be out and the price tag its going to have? Thanks again.
… Dan Vacirca

I am currently deployed to Baghdad Iraq with the 64th CSAR and we are about ordering some watches. We ordered a lot from a different brands and most of our people are not happy with the product we have been ordering. I’ve heard good things about MTM and been told you back your product up and stand by them. I’m setting up an order. our supervision is requesting GSA products info. If at all possible would you please email me ? Thank you for your time.
… Gregory Arnold. USAF/64th EHMU/CSAR

I am really enjoying wearing your Vulture watch and would like to get another band as soon as humanly possible. I’ve had the Hawk for many years and having the Vulture with a date and those bright lights is something I do not want to go without for long! Thanks very much.
… John Hoving. A Vulture Man!

Hi I purchased a MTM thunder hawk with steel strap………from you while i was on holiday in Florida in June 2005……this is the best watch I have ever had….I wear it whilst on duty in the police and get many comments from colleague….as a result quite a few of them have since purchased the thunder hawk watch….recently my charger has stopped working I have had to borrow my friends charger once a month for the last two months….I notice it states on advertisement that the watches are warranted for three years. is the charges also guarantee for three years?
… Lee Parry

I purchased this watch and have to say it’s the best watch I’ve ever owned!!! It was trust worthy during my deployment in Iraq and still is now on the streets of Chicago. Regards.
… J. Guerra

Wow! I just received my watch in 4 days since ordered. That was a cross border shipment to Toronto Canada, during the holiday season! Not to mention the quality of the watch far exceeded my expectations. I only had it for a week and received numerous compliments on the time piece. Thanks.
… Michael Di Girolamo

Talk about CUSTOMER SERVICE – HOLY XXXX! You are the BEST – make sure the Boss gets this email. If you have a testimonial page.
Point me to it.
… Timothy Turek

“We’ve all seen the full-page ads wit the cool looking watches that are supposedly the latest, greatest attire for the special operations community… I have to say that it’s [Thunderhawk] probably one of the best watches I have ever owned… In my opinion, you may be able to buy a cheaper watch, but you wont find a better one.”
… Jeff Randall in S.W.A.T. Magazine Jan. ’09.

I have a patriot watch that i purchased in 2005, it is by far the best piece of gear i have ever owned.
… Chad Goodwin

I used your Black Patriot watch for 15 months in Iraq. Really enjoyed it. Frankly, I was very hard on it in my duties as a PSD shooter, de-mining and EOD, and just everyday wear and tear in a war zone. . It is the best watch I’ve ever owned!! Thanks
… MAJ Scott Allen

I was recently on a trip, and lost the charger for my blackhawk. Just wondering where do I send the money to get a new charger? Big thanks to the MTM crew, for having the best customer support I’ve ever seen.
… Epi Resendez

I recently purchased a Black Hawk and I am impressed by its beauty and functionality in addition to the service provided by MTM. The watch itself also draws some attention and many colleagues, friends and patients asked me about its origin etc. No doubt a second purchase will follow.
Kind regards,
… Ronald M.A. Henry PhD MD

I just wanted to say thank you. I recently sent my watch in for repair. You provided very prompt service and fixed it for no cost. I got it back today and it looks great. This type of customer service sets you apart from most companies. Thanks again and I look forward for your next creation that I will not be able to live without.
… Dave Stull

I am very impressed with my Blackhawk Spec Ops Watch with the ballistic velcro band. It’s very well-designed, versatile and very rugged. It is a well crafted timepiece that makes a statement in the boardroom and in the field. As an avid mountain biker and outdoors man, it has been my first choice to take with me on my trips as I know it is a reliable watch which can withstand the elements and built tough. It has exceeded my expectations and I would gladly get another MTM Spec Ops Watch in the future. Thank you!
… Al Isago Parvez, CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc. Tokyo, Japanb

I currently own a Black Hawk, Thunder Hawk, and black Predator and plan to purchase more of your MTM watches. I also own many other popular name brand watches and I can say that my favorites are my MTM watches. The build quality and appearance of your MTM watches are outstanding. They are dependable and accurate watches. When I order a watch (three so far) from MTM, delivery is extremely fast. When I have called MTM with order or technical questions, customer service has been excellent. You have taken the time to address any questions I have had in a professional and honest manner. This is a rare quality these days. I’m looking forward to my next MTM watch purchase from you.
… George Dalke

Just wanted to let you know that I received by Black Patriot and it is even better than I had hoped for. Even the packaging is outstanding and you can tell the quality of the watch just by holding it. Your customer service people were FANTASTIC as they needed to call me. (I wish I had written their name down) As a retired Toronto Police officer I wish I had this watch 30 years ago. First class all the way!!!
… Bruce Smollet

I received a Blackhawk watch for my birthday two years ago. While I’m no special forces operator, I can say that few watches can handle the abuse I give them maintaining the 5th fleet’s aircraft. eventually the band itself has taken a beating. Could you provide me with information for new titanium band
…Very Respectfully AM2 Oliver Bernal

I had to write you and tell you about how your watch saved me from losing an arm. I am currently in Baghdad working for the State Department. We protect American Diplomats as they travel into the Red Zone. When I was getting ready to come over here, my wife surprised me with an MTM Blackhawk. At that time I was only marginally aware of your company; and thought(but didn’t tell her) “Oh great another “tactical” company. Well needless to say I have grown pretty impressed with the watch. Anyway; about a week ago we were on venue outside the Karada Bank. As we were loading our principles a shot rang out and I felt a jolt in my left arm like an electric shock…very painful. As we punched out of there I kept reporting that I thought I was hit. My whole arm was in pain, except from the wrist down where I was numb. Well to make a long story short apparently I was shot in the watch! A team-mate told me he “saw my hand explode in a puff of smoke”. While the watch was blown up apparently whatever it is you make them out of was so strong it took most of the shock, saving my arm. The only reason I am able to type this is because you make your watches truly “combat tough”..my family and I thank you.

I’d like to comment on how much I love my new Black Hawk Titanium watch! I was a little wary buying it online, but once it arrived, I knew I would never return it. This is a very fine product and I will recommend it to all of my friends interested in watches. I am seriously contemplating buying another MTM watch, likely the Black Vulture or Black Seal. Please keep up the great work! Best Regards.
… Matt Beaton

I am very impressed with my Blackhawk Spec Ops Watch with the ballistic velcro band. It’s very well-designed, versatile and very rugged. It is a well crafted timepiece that makes a statement in the boardroom and in the field. As an avid mountain biker and outdoors man, it has been my first choice to take with me on my trips as I know it is a reliable watch which can withstand the elements and built tough. It has exceeded my expectations and I would gladly get another MTM Spec Ops Watch in the future. Thank you!
… Al Isago Parvez, CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc. Tokyo, Japan

Good day,I purchased a MTM SPECIAL OPS WATCH about 2yrs ago and i am very pleased with it and i get plenty of complements from it and have referred many people to your site.I have a minor gig though,I am working in Iraq and for the first time since i have had the watch like a knuckle head i plugged the charger into a 240v outlet without using my converter and fried the converter,now i have no way to charge it the watch what do i have to do to get another one.? thanks,
… Ken [knucklehead] Painter..