I am writing to thank you for sending the Watertight Box that was part of the initial order of my Navigator watch. It holds the watch units in a very secure location. Also, the Navigator watch package is wonderful… The Transceiver locks on to the GPS tracking satellites very quickly and never loses a connection once it gets established. It provides very accurate information with regard to distance, altitude and bearing. And it beams this info without difficulty to the watch. The watch is comfortable, durable and very easy to view. I will look forward to many years of functional assistance and use with such a fine product. Best Regards,
… Christopher M. Mahoney MS, AA-C

Hello, I just very recently purchased a watch from you. I wanted to let you know,how much I love the watch,and the also the great way you do business. I couldn’t be more happy. I do however have a question, how do I register for the warranty. I did not find any paper work.Thank you again for making such a Outstanding Watch.
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the very Best ! I rate this Watch a 10 Plus ! Kindest Regards,
… Steve P. Hamilton.

I just received my Seal Extreme Ops watch and it’s everything and more than I expected. Thank you!
…Capt. Stefan Lehnert, USAF, Ret.

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your company and the watches you offer with the HIGHEST quality and comfort!! Check my order history and you’ll see I have a BLACK SEAL, PREDATOR, SILENCER, and a VULTURE!! I should be your poster child for sales! Thanks again for offering such stylish, comfortable, and durable products!
…Brian J. Gedeon, M.D.

I ordered a blackhawk a few months ago, and I just wanted to say I love the watch. Everything you say about the watch is true. I hope to have this watch in service for many years to come !Bravo, on a dependable and great product.
…Jamie Foster.

Congratulations for your amazing and wonderful watches, I have one black Patriot (3 years) and works perfect. My question is what kind of battery used, and how long does it last. thanks a a lot.
… Dr. Fernando Pacheco.

Received my Silver Steel Patriot, Special Forces Spec Ops, and what a magnificent Watch. I already have a Black Patriot and a Titanium Predator, these are the most professional Military Watches I’ve ever seen. I wish I had these when I was in the Persian Gulf. Thank You MTM for supreme excellence and getting my watches to me very quickly.
… Sincerely, Gregory Snow.

Hello, I have the Steel band MTM Black Hawk watch. I am extremely pleased with its durability and reliability. I have used the watch many times while out in the field. I would just like to compliment your company on building such an awesome watch!
… Stephen Earp.

Hello… I am currently in Baghdad, Iraq. The net is not that secure here, and there have been problems in the past with our internet. I would like to send a money order instead of sending my credit card number across the net…. Would that be fine. Several of my guys on my team have your watches, and they are very durable in the conditions we work in. You guys are putting out a very good product, and it has caught my eyes, so I am interested in purchasing one. I was just curious…I know it takes approx. two weeks to get something from the states… Is that about the same amount of time it takes for your product to arrive in Iraq…. Thank Yo
… Philip L. Jackson, Baghdad, Iraq.

I just received my Black Warrior with the Ballistic band as a gift recently. I work as a mechanic at the Maui airport and I work with chemicals, grease and wrench on all types of equipment. I have banged the watch several times on motors, stainless barriers and even greasy chains. I am truly amazed at how tough this watch really is! As long as I rinse the band not even the caustic chemicals have done any damage. I have been through several watches ranging from G-Shocks, Tissots, Tags and even a Submariner Rolex! This has got to be the most rugged watch produced as of yet. It’s the first watch I don’t have to worry about while on the job. And the bonus side is it’s good looking too! Finally, a watch I can wear to work, wash up and go to a fine dining place without thinking twice! Thank you so much for making such a fine time piece!
… Best regards, Ron Cox.

I own the Blackhawk rubber strap watch. I purchased it November 2005. The watch has served me well in the worst places on earth. Last year you sent me replacement rubber loops. No complaints though. I cant explain the hell that the watch has been through and still looks new except for wear to the strap. I have decided to retire after 25 years of Army active duty service. I no longer need the rubber strap. I want to purchase the titanium band for my watch. Please send instructions. Thank you,
… Lee Brewer, 1SG, USA.

I want to express a big thank you to MTM and all the team on what a wonderful job you have done. I purchase a watch from you guys and was missing a part, you promptly fixed the problem by sending the missing part. It it much appreciated to deal with a company that has excellent after sales service. Well done again.
… Silvya Traeger Adelaide, South Australia.

I want to let you all know how impressed I am with my new Thunderhawk Ser. No. 063934. I have received so many compliments on this watch. Personally, I absolutely love the uniqueness and functionality of this watch. I have never spent over $125 on a watch, but I can say this, this watch was well worth it. You have a truly one of a kind timepiece and I am proud to wear mine 24/7. Thanks!
… Todd Brown

Just some positive comments to you all. You have absolutely AWESOME, high quality products! I own two of your watches already and I’m sure I’ll be buying more in the future! You also have great customer service–a special thanks to JACKIE for helping me with my orders!! Keep up the GREAT work. You have a devoted customer in me already.
… Brian J. Gedeon, M.D.

NO Question. Just wanted to let you know that I have had my Patriot for about a year now and I wear it EVERY day. I enjoy it and get comments on it regularly. When I came in to purchase it the salesman asked if I treated my watches nice… I said NO. I (unintentionally) beat this one against things all the time. It hasn’t even been scratched. I may need to get me one of those Vultures soon. Keep up the good “horologywerks” boys.
… Jeff Daniel

I just recieved my Dark Ops Warrior watch today. Your customer service rep said it would be delivered on Tuesday and true to her word it was. I must say I’m impressed. The over all quality of the watch is superb and though some may say it is heavy, I can see no difference between the weight of this watch and other dive watches that I have worn. This is by far the finest watch I have ever owned and you have one satisfied customer for life.
… PJ Clarke

I recieved my titanium thunderhawk for Christmas, and WOW what a watch! I’d been drooling over this for over a year and now im wearing it. I must say that this watch is nothing less than perfect, the packaging, the customer service and the watch itself, words cant express how impressed i am with this watch. A question, do you sell a stainless steel band for this watch that would fit? If anyone in this site is reading this, this is the last watch you’ll ever purchase, that is unless you buy another model from special ops watch. Thanks
… Dan Harrison

I bought my MTM Hawk watch about three years ago the serial No is 053297 it has been with me threw two tours to Bahrain and once to Iraq. It has never let me down I have had to change tow bands but for what I do that’s not Bad. Anyways my lights stopped working a few days ago i have my limited warranty card but i don’t have my invoice any more can I still send it in for repairs.
… Brandy Hastings

After receiving the Black Patriot Spec Ops and exceeding my expectations, I only wish I could have worn such a beautifully made professional Military Watch of this Caliber when I was Rescue and Recovery and Special Forces USAF SPEC OPS. Beautifully rugged, yet very refined and easy to read and even stealthy despite how large and heavy it is. I would have loved to have worn this when I was still in uniform serving my country. Thank You very much for such a professional and precision Military Masterpiece.
… Sincerely, Gregory Snow.

Just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed using my MTM Hawk watch for several years now. As a helicopter pilot it has been invaluable at night for reading charts and frequency cards. I have even had to use it to refuel when the was no other light available. It’s bee a life saver. I hope in the future when you design more models you will keep the 660,000 US pilots in mind and design a pilot model. Perhaps one with zulu time or a E6b circular slide rule. You’ll sell tons! Regards,
… Terry Madory

Dear MTM Staff,
It’s been almost two months since my Blackhawk arrived here in Brazil. My watch’s serial number is 057849. As I told you in another e-mail I am a Corporal in the Brazilian Army stationed in the Amazon Jungle near the Colombian border and I am using the watch in some of the worst conditions created by the jungle environment (mud, humidity, heat, rain and others). I am happy to say that the Blackhawk endured all of them without any problem. Thank you again for this great timepiece and certainly I will buy another of your watch soon enough! Best regards,
…Cpl. Santiago Squad Leader – 2nd Squad 17th Jungle Infantry Battalion.
Brazilian Army

I’ve just bought my first MTM watch, a steel band Blackhawk. It has lived up to all my expectations, and it will almost certainly not be the last watch I buy from you. Excellent workmanship and a good solid feel…I like the weight.
There is, however, one thing I would like to see. Some of us that uses these watches, me included, have a line of work that makes us “prone to capture”. Having a watch that says Special Ops, Special Forces, Spec Ops and the like in the field will draw a level of attention to us that we definitely do not need. I would love to see a watch from you that do not carry these markings anywhere on the watch, whether this be a new watch model, or covert versions of your current product range. Still, with my current Blackhawk (bought in Kabul btw…) I would like to say thanks for an excellent product. Keep up the good work!
…Olav Gundersen

I’m a commercial helicopter pilot and used the night light on my black hawk titanium to read the charts on my leg board. It is very functional. I can keep my hands on the controls and still read the charts. Cool!

Received my DARK OPS- WARRIOR watch last week. Great watch, have been wearing instead of my tag since I received it. Great Watch it attracts a lot of attention more so than my Tag or the Rolex’s my friends and Colleagues wear. I’ll probably get the Rubber Strap eventually and probably another watch. Oh ya and the quick delivery time was great.
…Thanks. Ron

Just wanted to let you know I received my Blackhawk and it is an awesome watch. Being in law enforcement I needed a durable watch, and this watch delivers. The flashlight has come in handy several times already. I have recommended your company and this watch to my partners. Thanks again.
Dave Diliberti
US Marshals Service

I purchased the Blackhawk, rubber strap watch last year. Its a fantastic watch that has endured the test of combat, and still looks and works like new. I want to purchase a steel band for the watch, but it isn’t offered on the website. Also, I wear the watch on the last hole in the rubber strap. Will a metal band go that small with links removed? Please send me information on how I can purchase a new band. Titanium would be my top choice. Thank you. Lester Brewer,
… MSG USA, Special Operations Team Sergeant. 25 years active duty.

I recently purchased a Special Ops silver Thunderhawk, been about a month since i got it. This watch is bar none the gnarliest i have ever owned, it has withstood salt water, acid, and even raw crude oil. I work as a project manager for a steel fab shop that does a variety of work but our main business is doing work on offshore oil platforms. As you may not know oil platforms are a rather extreme environment and can take its toll on anything. So far this watch has endured everything i have thrown at it, and trust me i have tested this thing in all kinds of environments. I wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know how happy i am with it and plan on purchasing more in the future. This watch still looks like it did the day i got it. I would like to commend you on making a product that is truly awesome. I have been looking for a watch that can handle the abuse for a number of years and had not found one of this caliber.
…Thank you, Rich

I wanted to let you know my husband gave me the MTM Black Hawk Special Ops watch for Valentine’s Day and I love it. I know that I am not the typical demographic that you market to, as a stay at home mom of two girls under two. I needed a watch that I could see at night (since I wear contacts and can’t see the alarm clock)and that I didn’t have to take off and risk getting flushed down the toilet without a moments notice. Also, I love the recharging feature as I have a drawer full of watches that are dead. Having the time to replace batteries is not high on the priority list. I really needed a watch that could survive two toddlers and I think I have found it!! I just wanted to let you know that someone other than military could benefit from your watches. Thanks so much!!!

I bought one of your watches, just love it! i work on a military base where special ops and other military types as well as “others” get language training. believe me the watch draws attention…
…thanks Bill

I recently purchased the special ops from you guys. You have a great product. I am a police inspector/crime scene photographer and do a lot of single camping. I feel more secure with the orange signal light. Thanks for making a great product!!
… L. Hall

Just received my new Dark Ops Warriors Stainless steel band and case and I really am impressed with the quality of this watch. WOW is it ever heavy! I do have a question for you. How long should the battery last before it needs to be replaced? Do I return it to you for a new battery, or can I go to any quality jeweler for a change of the battery?
…Alan Rose

Last month I bought a watch from Specialopswatch.com for my brother in Iraq. This watch was the heaviest watch I have ever held. It has the brightest light ever put in a watch. My brother says he uses it to light up maps and signal to each other in the dark. He says that this is the best equipment for him. It had its own electromagnetic charging system. half of my brothers company wears them. He’s in a Special Forces unit in Iraq.
…John Greysmith

Bought my Special Ops watch from Specialopswatches.co.uk, good quick service and I am very happy with my watch. I too bought the Blackhawk Special Ops Watch which I have now found out is worn by Keifer Sutherland in the new series of 24. I am a big 24 fan and this is an added bonus as I had already bought my Blackhawk when I found out. Special Ops Watch – quality, tough and mean – I would give it 10 out of 10.
…Stephan on Doubleviking.com.

Top quality watches – just bought one for a Christmas present. They are heavy but not too heavy, you can tell they are well made and the light functions are really neat. I bought the Blackhawk Special Ops Watch (the above is the Thunderhawk) which is the black version of the same watch –and looks better in my opinion.
…Dave on Doubleviking.com

“Here is what I found about Special Ops Watches: The US Special Forces wanted a new watch (one that was more rugged and reliable) about 18 years ago. They approached a company in California (MTM) and asked them to design a sort of Swiss Army Knife watch. Over the next two years the company spent some time talking to NASA and MIT (Mass’ Institute of Technology). Together they came up with a watch that would be one of the most accurate (and easily reset to atomic clock) watches in the world. They did all sorts of searches and tests to find the best materials for it (carbon fiber, diamond hardened quartz glass etc). The battery electro-magnetic recharging system originally existed as something developed for NASA (meant you could generate more efficient electricity in space via spacial object discharges or some such thing). MIT played with it and got it into a stand (which you no doubt receive with the watches) which recharges the battery. The way they designed the shielding around the battery meant that it would survive an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) such as can be caused by a nuclear explosion or an EMP generator. This meant that the watches became virtually indestructible. As you already know they are water resistant to 300m. They can resist pressures of up to 15 atmospheres (which would have killed a human after about two and a half seconds). They were issued (officially) to the Special Forces (Delta Force, Army Rangers, SWAT teams, Navy Seals). After a year the civilian forces (FBI, DEA and CIA) wanted them and about six months after that the Army, Navy and USAF ordered them. The USAF liked them because it was easily reset for fast jet pilots. The British got hold of them a while ago and the SAS and SBS got them. Several army, navy and RAF officers got hold of them and they spread. Now even the Israeli Mossad use them, along with the British MI5 and MI6.”
…The Chief on EDP24

Message: I just received my “Black Patriot” watch that I ordered from you. I wanted to say “thank-you” for the prompt shipping … and I am thrilled with the timepiece itself. As a retired law-enforcement officer, and a current trainer of both police & military personnel … I believe that this is the one timepiece that I have been looking for. Thanks again!
…Dave Adams.

I am currently using your MTM Special Ops Thunderhawk watch in tactical operations in Iraq and it has given me outstanding reliable service. I do need to get another charging station as mine has given up the ghost. How do I go about getting one?
…MAJ Roger Uhe
423rd TC (Gun Truck)
Al Qayarrah, Iraq.

Just received my Special Ops Predator watch! I love it and it was even set correctly for EST! I have a Rolex SeaDweller but will be wearing my Special Ops from now on!
…Charles Nichols

I just wanted to say “Thank You” sincerely for the rare service of the highest quality. It is truly a pleasurable experience to deal with you. And by the way, the BlackHawk watch is truly a work of art.- I am sure that you are proud to possess such a great product to sell. I would recommend trading with you to anyone who desires a watch of the highest quality, and getting Grade A service as well. Thank you for making my choice one of the best I have made. Best Regards,
…Tim Puckett

…lewis brandt

Hi, I ordered the black hawk and received it yesterday, just wanted to say I am very impressed with the watch and its features. It is the best watch I have ever owned. I love the light features on the watch. I am a tanker in the army national guard and when we were deployed and training in the field, night ops were hard when you had to use a little red light but now the light is on the wrist, so no searching through the ruck sack blind. all and all just wanted to sat well done, and thank you.
…PFC Slattery, Ryan

Just received the watch I ordered from you and just wanted to say a HUGE thanks. Unbelievable quality and service (sure you already know this though. You can count on me ordering again.
…Cheers Joey

I just received my two tone Patriot watch as promised today and all I can say is…WOW!! What a watch!! I had heard that it was a heavy duty piece of equipment but I couldn’t believe how well built and heavy this thing is.I’m a civilian so the watch will never see the rugged conditions that I’m sure its capable of handling. I just like the beefiness and look of it for day to day adventures. Thanks again for a great product. Your customer service people also helped make my experience with your company a pleasant one.

Sincerely  …Larry Epps.