Yes, Stylish Watches Can Also Be Tough: An Introduction to Military Watches.

Yes, Stylish Watches Can Also Be Tough: An Introduction to Military Watches.

A common misconception is that stylish watches may not deliver all the functions or that a “tough” watch cannot be stylish. MTM Special Ops has come to change the game. You may pick from many styles of tough military and tactical watches. For over 25 years, MTM established itself by creating tactical timepieces for the watch industry.


Over those years, the company founder (ex-military) and MTM team kept their ears to the ground and were quick to respond to the needs of their peers still in service. When called upon, MTM developed and engineered watches to withstand extreme conditions while being stylish.


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Presenting the world-renowned MTM Special Ops Watch collections of sophisticated, tactical and military watches. Our watch faces are available in a variety of colors and styles with several band options—all fully customizable. Our most popular collections for boots-on-the-ground personnel are the Patriot, Silencer, and Cobra.


The MTM Special Ops Silencer is a multifunctional, rechargeable & electro-luminescent LED digital-analog watch that can easily withstand the most extreme conditions, ‘in style’ of course. Within a solid 316L stainless steel case, they feature a unique digital LED display for enhanced digital features without the need to backlight a standard LCD display.



The Special Ops Black Falcon is a flagship MTM timepiece, previously known as the Black Hawk Watch. This updated model is made from military grade titanium or solid stainless steel. With an internal and external light system that provides 5 different light mode settings, don’t be afraid to get caught in the dark with this bad boy on your wrist.



The MTM Cobra is a pilot watch that contains a classic slide rule bezel for aviators. It can be used for aviation-related calculations that can provide valuable metrics without a calculator, such as flight time and distance, fuel consumption, the rate of descent/climb and more. It is, of course, also an eye-catcher for those looking to impress with desirable accessories that exhibit power and quality with fine detail and luxury.

MTM Special Ops Cobra Tactical Military Watch

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