Silver Vulture



The sandblasted silver MTM Vulture is a tactical, durable watch prepared to outperform in any given situation. Backed by a solid titanium case, fronted by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, its ruggedness is no match for the elements. Its tight build allows it to reach depths up to 660 feet/200 meters underwater, without causing damage to the watch. When the lights go out, use this Special Ops watch to take control of the situation. Offering multiple light-modes: internal, external, emergency strobe, and UV, this watch can shine anywhere from 6 seconds up to several hours depending on the chosen mode (and battery power). The lithium-ion battery has an average charge, with a single daily use, of up to four months. When fully drained, the battery will take 4-5 hours to recharge. From a fully-charged battery, the light may be continuously used for up to four hours. Rechargeable by plugging it into a USB port, DC supply or an AC wall outlet (charger included). The Vulture is customizable and can be used with an army of available MTM bands. Use the customizer above to choose your preferred model.


MTM Proprietary With Analog Swiss Ronda 509

Four Light Mode Levels: 1) Internal Mode – Ultraviolet Light Illuminates The Dial (6 Seconds) 2) External Mode – 3 White LED Torch Lights Illuminate (20 Seconds) 3) Emergency Mode – Flashing White Strobe Lights (Stays On As Long As The Battery Is Charged, Up to Several Hours.) 4) Diving/Extreme Conditions: – Ultraviolet Lights Illuminates The Dial (Stays On As Long As the Battery Is Charged, Up To Several Hours) Recharge Light Mode Battery (Lithium Ion Rated At 10 Years) Via Included Charger By Using An AC Wall Outlet Or The USB-Port Cable Included From A DC Power Supply

Solid Titanium

Adjustable Links

Available in Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey and Black DLC Coating

Titanium, Unidirectional Ratcheting

Screw-Down, Locking

Sapphire Crystal; AntiReflective & Scratch Resistant with Ultraviolet Protective Coating

Carbon Fiber - Brass Available in 8 Colors

Super Luminous

660 Feet / 200 Meter

47mm (without crown) x 18mm (thickness)

6.0 oz

3 Year Rated - Silver Oxide

10 Year Rated - USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion

Each Watch Individually Numbered

Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Case

3 Years