Camouflage Watches


Hand-Painted Camouflage

Each watch in this special edition series has been individually hand-painted with a durable and unique camouflage print. Quantities are very limited.


Each MTM Special Ops Camouflage Watch is unique – no two are the same. The patented Desert and Jungle Green Camouflage finish by MTM is created through a delicate and time-consuming process in order to properly apply it to each watch, creating variations and slight imperfections in color and design. These variations are not defects, but rather unique characteristics that add to the uniqueness of each camouflage watch.


MTM Camouflage Watches are made from some of the most popular Special Ops models, such as the Falcon, Warrior and Predator. Each of them are hand-painted with a unique and durable camouflage finish over its black-plated stainless steel watch case and band. MTM ensures a high-end quality finish that cannot be manufactured elsewhere. Each camouflage watch includes the original features of the selected Special Ops model, which truly enhances its tactical use made for the Army and all branches of military.


All MTM Special Ops Camouflage Watches are limited edition and are extremely limited in production. Customize and order your MTM Camouflage Watch today. Built for action and built for combat!