MTM Silencer Watch Review

Silencer Review By Can You Handlebar

Here at MTM Special Ops, we are thankful for all of our customers and loyal followers. We would not be who and where we are without all of you & your continued support, so thank you! As we gear up to celebrate the holidays we want to share the MTM Special Ops Silencer Watch Review gracefully written by Author Dan Hamilton with Can You Handlebar.


Dan is a former USAF pilot, gear junkie, adventure traveler, family man and entrepreneur. More often than not he partakes in outdoor activities, needless to say he knows a good watch and great gear when he sees it. As a fighter pilot he understands and appreciates highly functional and useful timepieces.


Dan dives in by describing the benefits of the Silencer’s lock down features as perfect for when you are trying to stay discrete. Throughout the review the Silencer is depicted as a piece of gear and mini version of an EDC (everyday carry). While you’re waiting in line during the holiday sales, take a minute to read through the review and learn a little more about the pros and cons that the MTM Silencer has to offer; vibrating alarm, LED Lights, Super luminous hands, long lasting battery, and the ever so helpful tools included for minor maintenance & strap swapping.


Don’t have to take our word for it when we tell you that we have engineered the strap and band swapping to be so effortless, you’ll want to do it so often it will look like you are wearing a different watch every time. In conclusion, the Silencer battery life is long-lasting and dependable, as one full charge can last up to 4 months. For those of you that do not like wasting time charging or replacing watch batteries, this is the watch for you!


For all of you watch enthusiasts in need of a dependable, practical and aesthetically pleasing timepiece, make sure to take a look at the MTM Special Ops Silencer. Guaranteed to last and get you complements. As always, built for action.