MTM Launches Kickstarter For Apple Watch Protection

MTM Status™ – The Ultimate Apple Watch Protection


***MTM Status A-38 Apple Watch Case is now available for purchase directly on our website, shop now!***


MTM Special Ops has launched their first Kickstarter in hopes of gaining valuable feedback and insight for the development of a viable and popular form of protection for the beloved Apple Watch. As a forward thinking project, MTM has decided to reveal the MTM Status™ through Kickstarter as the best form of Apple Watch protection currently available and looks forward to its initial response, appeal and/or criticism. MTM believes that it is in the best interest of Apple Watch wearers, and all avid smart watch fans to bring an added level of security to their expensive and fragile device.


MTM Status™ Apple Watch Protection features an unprecedented Aluminum or Titanium case made from military-grade material. MTM Special Ops is well-renowned for their ability to manufacture and design some of the best and toughest military watches available worldwide, and has transferred those core concepts to this product.



The Apple Watch is very susceptible to damage caused by daily use and normal wear and tear. Eventually, those damages are prone to cause cosmetic or functionality problems. All Apple Watch product users have come to terms and accept the fact that their gadgets may not last for a very long time. Not to mention rugged dependability & outdoor use, the Apple Watch is so fragile that it may even break while at the office. With the MTM Status™, wearers can sleep well at night knowing that their Apple Watch can handle harsh conditions and a solid knock or two. The MTM Status™ will not only add life expectancy to the Apple Watch but also allow wearers to take it on those long awaited adventures and strenuous activities.


After a couple months of research and development, MTM was able to manufacture the ultimate Apple Watch protection, now on Kickstarter as MTM Status™. Visit this Kickstarter and pledge as a backer to help ensure the next wave of smart watch protection. The convergence of technology and durability is the supreme goal. The future foretells the need to protect revolutionary technology, such as the Apple Watch, and MTM is in the business of providing timepiece wearers the tools to withstand the elements without risk of sacrificing your watch.


MTM Status™ is equipped with two analog quartz micro-dials in its surround metal framework, so that wearers need not depend on the watch battery for time telling. During long trips, especially outdoors, charging and power accessibility may be limited or non-existent. MTM Status™ solves the dead battery issue with a 12-hour dial. The micro-dials contain customization choices amongst a compass, two 12-hour options & two digital options.


View now to take a look at the MTM Kickstarter and decide which pledge option is right for you. We invite you to become a backer of this project and share it with your friends and family. We hope that we can make the Apple Watch world a safer place!