Why Heavy-Duty Work and Military Tactical Watches are an Unbeatable Match

Why Heavy-Duty Work and Military Tactical Watches are an Unbeatable Match

Have you ever purchased an expensive watch that claimed to be of great quality and durability and then stopped working out of nowhere? We’ve been there. That’s why MTM Special Ops has all of those qualities but, unlike others, we fulfill our promises with our watches. For over 25 years, MTM established itself by creating tactical durable timepieces for the watch industry.


Over those years, the company founder (an ex-military) and the MTM team kept their ears to the ground and were quick to respond to the needs of their peers still in service. When called upon, MTM developed and engineered watches to withstand extreme conditions. Crafted like an instrument and designed with unparalleled accuracy, MTM Special Ops Watches are built for action.


Must-Have Features


Military tactical watches and heavy-duty work watches are full of robustness, discreteness, water resistance, luminescence, accuracy, and precision.


Our watches are full of robustness because soldiers are often in tough situations and cannot afford to have a delicate or too sophisticated watch on the wrist. Because the nature of their work watches might get easily damaged. Also, people who are not necessarily soldiers need a watch that’ll last and won’t break on the first fall.


Discreteness is needed when there’s a military operation that requires soldiers to camouflage or cover-up. Hence the more discreet the watches are the better it is. A perfect watch must be unnoticeable, it needs to look like part of the overall uniform. Or if you don’t want a striking watch and looking for something that’s not that noticeable.


Water resistance is amazing for any kind of situation. You get that weight off your shoulders when you don’t have to think about securing your watch when you’re at the beach or even if it’s raining.


Army tactical missions require a high level of coordination and synchronization. For this reason, army watches must be very accurate and precise. This is the reason why most army watches tend to be quartz rather than automatic.

Our Customers Love Us


“The Cobra is a great companion for those who are in the military or in the police line of work. It also is a great companion if you are like me and do a lot of outdoor activity. It can handle it all because it was made for it. $1500 price point some may deem this pricey for using a watch for such activity, but I for one don’t want to worry if my watch can keep up with me when I’m doing such activities. Some things come at a price and I don’t necessarily mind paying a bit extra for such reassurance. You won’t have to worry about the Cobra failing you and looking great on the wrist is an added bonus.”

-Time to Blog Watches.


“The MTM Silver Vulture Titanium seems to be a fantastic militaristic and rugged style timepiece. Being a former law enforcement professional, I can see how this particular MTM offering and others can offer maximum benefits to the wearer. I wish I had one of these when I was still in the profession. I also believe the Vulture would be an ultimate watch for any type of activity, not just those undertaken by our law enforcement community and military.”

-Mike W.