MTM | Watch Makes Revolutionary Move at COUTURE
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MTM|SPECIAL OPS WATCHES Makes Revolutionary Move In Retail Field_

For over 25 years, MTM (Multi-Time Machine) established itself by creating tactical timepieces for the watch industry.

MTM|Special Ops Watches, creator of tactical watches for military, first responders and serious outdoor enthusiasts, announced today that it is making a leap of faith to support brick-and-mortar retailers.  Since its inception in 1998, the brand has always only offered its watches for sale direct-to-consumers via its own online website. Today, however, the brand announces a very focused way to bring only the finest brick-and-mortar watch retailers on board – giving them access to one of the cleanest, non-discounted brands on the market.

At a time…

At a time when many brands are moving away from traditional retail stores in favor of online sales and mono-band boutiques, a brand that has always been on-line is adding traditional brick & motor stores into its repertoire. However, it is doing so with its own spin on business. For MTM, the focus has always been first and foremost on experiences and lifestyles because of the type of product it builds. Many of its watches are equipped with tactical features such as radiation detection sensors, the brightest flashlight ever to be put in a watch, and more.  In short, the product is very specific and appeals to an active lifestyle consumer that certain retailers may not be able to draw into their stores with their current watch selection.


Additionally, by always controlling its own distribution channel, and by building each watch (which can be customized in a host of different ways) on a made-to-order basis, MTM Special Ops has been able to control pricing for 16 years. Because there has never any liquidation needed, price-cutting doesn’t exist, thereby making this a brand that consumers will not find discounted anywhere. In the retail partnerships MTM is forming, discounting of any sort will not permitted, and the brand has a checks-and-balances plan in place to ensure retailers comply. Additionally, MTM continues to work in its made-to-order online sales method even via the retailer to control production numbers. The retailer only receives enough product to show samples to customers, who then work with the store to create their own customized MTM watch.




MAY 30th — June 3rd 2019