MTM Watches, the leading manufacturer of tactical military watches worldwide, proudly introduces the Special Ops collection of rugged and dependable timepieces. After years of development, MTM unveils these exclusive watch models, representing the most durable and innovative watches ever created. The MTM Special Ops, Hypertec, 3-GER & Status collections, in addition to flagship collections, such as Pro Ops, Xtreme Ops, Dark Ops & Night Ops, are recognized as the best military watches for men.

These hard to find combat ready timepieces are GSA approved, Mil-Spec compliant and limited edition. Each watch is individually numbered and fabricated from a solid block of Titanium or 316L stainless steel. Each watch contains a locked case back and locking screw down crown for true resilience and a water resistance depth of at least 300-600 feet and up to 3,300 feet with the revolutionary SEAL watch.

Once only offered to Special Operations Forces, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Air Force Pilots, Delta Force Units, SAS, S.W.A.T. Teams, Police Officers, Firefighters, DEA, FBI & Secret Service Agents, MTM Special Ops Watches are now available for sale to the general public. MTM invites you to learn more about its watches, such as the Falcon, Cobra, Patriot, Predator, Silencer, RAD, Warrior, Vulture, SEAL, Air Stryk & Hypertec. All watch models are currently available through MTM and select authorized retailers only. Each watch is built for action and will make a statement for many demanding years to come. Customize and shop for your MTM timepiece today!