Brightest Lights

Three white LED torch lights providing a flashlight and an emergency strobe light for signal with luminous numbers. These are the brightest lights ever offered in a watch.


Dial & Hands

Illuminated by 5 LED lights with a NASA-grade carbon fiber dial that will catch the eye and curiosity of anyone nearby.


Rechargeable Battery

Lithium ION rechargeable battery powered by electromagnetic induction that will last up to 10 years.


Sapphire Crystal (Glass)

Anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire glass to withstand the toughest conditions for optimal use in outdoor activities.


Water Resistant

Up to 330 feet or 100 meters. Well made for normal and extreme water sports and activities.


The original MTM Special Ops Black Hawk Watch was the first to incorporate a rechargeable system with the brightest lights ever offered in a wristwatch. The new MTM Falcon watch ups the ante by including 3 bright white LED torch lights and an emergency strobe light. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ION battery rated at 10 years. Recharging the Falcon is as easy as placing it on the included electromagnetic induction charger overnight. It is available in either 316L stainless steel or titanium. Each recharge will last for approximately one month, and each watch is equipped with overcharge protection and a low battery alert. This watch also contains 5 blue LED lights in the dial for easy to read usability in the dark and harsh conditions for long periods of time.


The MTM Falcon watch offers 5 different light mode sequences:


  • LEVEL 1 | Internal Mode: Blue LED lights will light up the dial for 5 seconds


  • LEVEL 2 | External Mode: 3 white bright LED torch lights used as a flashlight that will last for 20 seconds.


  • LEVEL 3 | Emergency Mode: Flashing white LED torch strobe lights, will last as long as battery life.


  • LEVEL 4 | Diving or Extreme Conditions Mode: 5 Blue LED lights to light up the dial for as long as battery life.


  • LEVEL 5 | External Mode: 3 white LED torch lights as a flashlight that will stay on as long as battery life.